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($100 Deposit)

This procedure gives a beautiful and subtle enhancement to your brows with realistic hair strokes to keep them looking natural.

Combo​ Brows


($100 Deposit)

This procedure gives your brows the best of both techniques, a nicely filled in powder look while maintain the natural look by using some hair strokes.

Obre/Powder Brows


($100 Deposit)

This procedure gives you a more filled in powdered (similar to daily make up) look enhancement to your brows.

Touch Ups

  • 4-6 Week Touch Up - $150 ($100 Deposit)
  • 12 Week -6 Month Touch Up - $200 ($100 Deposit)
  • 6 Month - 1 Year Touch Up - $250 ($100 Deposit)
  • 1 Year - 18 Months Touch Up - $300 ($100 Deposit)

Please read before booking brow procedures

Please ensure you are a good candidate for any eyebrow procedure by reading our NEW PMU CLIENTS section first. It is strongly suggested that you take into consideration any social activities that you may have planned for the days following your procedure. Make sure that you are willing and able to follow the aftercare 10-day process during these events

The deposit/booking fee is to secure your appointment. Rather than charge the card it is simply held on file as part of our protection plan for cancellations and no shows. Therefore the deposit is charged if you do not cancel your appointment within at least 7 days in advance. For no call/ no shows the deposit will be automatically charged. We ask that you respect our time as we make appointments longer than usual to give you the individualized treatment you deserve. Charged deposits are non refundable under any circumstances as stated in our POLICIES section. 

What to expect: We begin the appointment by going over your medical history, skin type, and lifestyle. After this we will discuss what technique will be used and why. Then we will map your brows to a shape and size that compliment your facial features, while incorporating your input until you are satisfied. Then a topical anesthetic will be applied to ensure that any discomfort during the procedure is minimized. Once the numbing process is completed, we begin the procedure of micropigmentation with small specialized, sterile, one time use tools (needles or blades depending on the technique) that deposit the pigment into the skin to create your dream brows. An effective procedure is a two step process, therefore a touch up is required in 6-8 weeks. 

Touch ups are required and will cost $150. They will be booked at the end of the initial appointment. Your touch up must occur with in 4-6 weeks from you initial session in order to provide you with the best results.  After 6 weeks, touch ups will be pushed to 12 weeks and begin at $200 then increase depending on the number of months from your initial session. This is because it takes more time and material to deposit the pigment once the 4-6 week time frame has passed.  

After the two step process is completed at the very least a yearly touch up is recommended. Again prices will depend on the amount of time passed. 

PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED SPECIFICATIONS APPLY TO NEVER BEFORE TREATED BROWS ONLY- If you book one of these procedures and you have had previous work without prior consultation with us we may have to turn you away, forfeiting your deposit. Corrections require individualized treatment plans based on their current state. Some brows cannot be corrected, please contact us directly via phone or email (available on our CONTACT page) to discuss treatment. 

 BEFORE BOOKING ANY NEW PMU PROCEDURE PLEASE READ OUR NEW PMU CLIENTS page to ensure you are a good candidate for micropigmentation. Any corrections or touch ups of previous work not done by us may vary in price, and therefore this information must be disclosed before your appointment to avoid loosing your deposit/booking fee.  

If you have any additional questions please contact us via telephone or email which can be found on our CONTACT page. PLEASE! send us a picture of your bare brows via text or email as soon as you book.

Lash Enhancement 

-$250 Promotional Pricing is $150

($100 Deposit)

This procedure creates very thin line of pigment implanted right between the eyelashes creating the illusion of a thick, dark base to the eyelashes and looks very natural. 4-6 week touch up is required and will cost $100 (will be booked at the end of initial session)

Designer Eyeliner 

-$300 Promotional Pricing is $199 

($100 Deposit)

This procedure gives your eyes a sexy and more dramatic enhancement (top and bottom liner),  geared towards saving you time daily with your eyeliner routine. 4-6 week touch up is required and will cost $100 (will be booked at the end of initial session)

Blush Lips 


Promotional Pricing is $300 

($100 Deposit) 

 This treatment enhances the natural shape of your lips, giving them that boost, symmetry, and color. 4-6 week touch up is required and will cost $200 (will be booked at the end of initial session)

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